Sunday, July 22, 2012

Five One-Handed Economists, Paying German to Hold Your Money

Planet Money, consistently producing the best economics journalism around, have a couple of recent stories of interest.  (Hey, Adam Davidson: still waiting on you to broadcast the interview with me and Bob Frank that you recorded last year!):

Six policies economists love (and politicians hate),  including eliminating the mortgage deduction on personal income taxes and the health insurance deduction for companies, legalizing marijuana, introducing a carbon tax, and replacing income taxes with consumption taxes (the later two eloquently promoted by Bob Frank in The Darwin Economy). 

Investors pay Germany to hold their cash: as a sign of the topsy-turvy economic times in which we live, Germany's latest bond offering sold at a negative yield: investors are actually paying Germany to hold onto their money for them.  I wonder if I can get a deal like that from my bank.

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