Thursday, August 16, 2012

Maní+: Fighting Malnutrition in Guatemala

For the last four years I have been leading an effort to fight malnutrition in Guatemala, where 49% of children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition.  With the assistance of INCAP, the Shalom Foundation, Funcafe, and others, we have now opened a pilot factory and are producing trial batches.

Maní+ offers an innovative and holistic approach to combating malnutrition in Guatemala while providing economic development opportunities for rural farmers.
  We have developed a locally-sourced and nutrient rich supplementary food customized to the specific nutritional needs of Guatemalan children.  Our Ready To Use Supplementary Food (RUSF) is accompanied by a culturally-appropriate educational model and programs to help farmers produce high-value products for new markets. 

Read more at:   and visit us on the web at (website still under construction, excuse the draft form). 

We have a great team: Carlos Giron and Sasha de Beausset leading operations; Miguel Cuj heading up research and product development; Raxche' Rodriguez heading up education; and Cecilia Skinner-Klee serving as director of development.  (We are in need of further funding in the $50,000-$400,000, range if you are righting checks).

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  1. What are your funding sources/strategy? Curious and happy to help.