Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Merle Hazard on the Greek Debt Crisis

Merle Hazard is at it again, this time explaining the Greek debt crisis, the complicity of Goldman Sachs allowing them to borrow short at a lower rate, and the danger now of the Euro crumbling "like Feta cheese." See and hear Merle Hazard's Greek Debt Song here.

Merle's song was the centerpiece of a PBS NewsHour story on the Greek crisis. As usual, the NewsHour was the one U.S. television outlet to go into real depth about the crisis in this 10 minute (yes, ten minutes!) report. We need more of this sort of depth in all our press coverage.

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  1. Brilliant - and a Parthenon in Nashville? Fabulous. He could have added one more line to round out the insanity of the situation - but what rhymes with "submarines from Germany"?